Setup Queue - mute or limit incoming ring when queue being attended to.

Have S20 and fanvil handsets

Set up IVR with key presses to queues with introduction and repeating prompt

Ext 1001 and 1002 have been setup as static agents in the queue.  Ext 1001 and 1002 are handsets on a common front desk setup. 

Incoming calls to the queue will ring ext 1001 and 1002 together. Agent timeout = 30, Ring in use unchecked, Retrys 1 - with this setup both extensions will ring while there is an incoming call in the queue. Either agent can pickup.

When ext 1001 takes a call from the queue ext 1002 will continue to ring with the next incoming call. Is there a way of limiting the incoming ring to say 10-20 secs when the queue is being attended to but still have the incoming call show up on the agents phone. Or maybe have the ring muted altogether for all incoming calls when the queue is being attended to. And then when queue is empty and a new call comes in both extensions ring again continuously.

Perhaps there is totally different way to do this?

Thanks for assistance.


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