S50 - How to establish a ring group with agents log in / log out?


I would like to establish a simple ring group where agents can log in or log out. This feature is not possible for a ring group.

So I set up a Queue with all the call center options disabled. This comes close to a ring group. I chose Linear ring strategy.

Example: Four extensions

  • 1000 (central desk)
  • 1001 (co-worker)
  • 1002 (co-worker)
  • 1003 (co-worker)

They are all dynamic agents, as static agants can't log off.

If a call comes into the company, 1000 should ring first, 1001 second etc. This is linear ring strategy.

When 1002 is on holiday, he logs out the Queue. However, when he logs in again, he will be the first position in the ring order. I found out that always the extension last logged-in will be the first to ring.

How can I get always the same ring order as in above list, after agents re-login?

To be found in the S-series admin guide on page 129:

Linear: Rings interfaces in the order specicied in the configuration file.

Where is that configuration file and how to change it?

Thank you.



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