multiple user on the same phone


In our helpdesk we have 15 workers and 4 desktop phones. The helpdesk operators are in shift work and the desktop phones uses static extensions to connect to our old Asterisk PBX.

Now the old system is replaced with an S100 model and we want to make a new system where everyone has an own extension. Every operator should login in the beginning of worktime and log out at the end.

For example we have phones uses extensions 6065-6068 and agent01-agent15.

At work start agent04 should login to phone with extension 6067. In the end, should log out and agent09 would use the same phone. 

Also, the logins and logouts should be logged and should be reported.

Is theis way of working supported out-of-the-box on S100? Or any other method to make this possible?


Thank you for your help!



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