Call forwarding MyPBX Standard v7

Hello everyone,

I'm new here and I have some questions about a very old PBX (MyPBX Standard v7) if anybody can help me.

The questions are related to call forwarding and the caller ID.

So... I have this PBX which I managed to setup and works perfectly over a SIP trunk. I also have an Yealink T28 and I want to forward calls from that phone to an external call number and I want to forward also the initial caller ID (my phone company - Vodafone Romania - allows this feature) (A calls B, B forwards to C). So I get the calls forwarded but the number displayed to C is the main number of my SIP trunk.

I contacted my phone company and they told me that there is a problem with the diversion header. The initial firmware of MyPBX didn't have an option to control diversion header but after long google searches I found a beta firmware that has this option so I checked in PBX advanced settings diversion header. Even after this firmware upgrade I could not get the initial caller ID forwarded.

I thought it's something from my phone company but today, playing around with my pbx settings i set up, for the extension where i have that Yealink T28, follow me always option to a phone number and made a test call. Big surprise, on the display of the phone set up as follow me i got the original caller ID.


So I guess there is nothing wrong with my phone company but I think there is something related to the connection from MyPBX and that T28 phone. I tried all the possible options for caller ID source in T28 advanced SIP settings but nothing seems to work.


My question is: Does anybody have any idea how to set this the proper way? Like I said, I can do it now from MyPBX extension setting but it would be great the get this working as real call forward not as follow me (in other words I don't want to allow access to MyPBX for the users to set up follow me to the numbers they want but I want them to setup call forwarding in their phones.


Thank you!!!


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