Mobility extension - Confirm on answer

Im in need for some help on a specific case. Situation described:


We have a hosted solution for our office telephony system (we're a provider ourself) but want our emergency number to run on a different provider and PBX. We previously used freepbx on a raspberry pi but stability sometimes was an issue. 

What we want;

8 mobile phones to ring. I can fix this by making a 'dummy' extension and use it as a mobility extension. Plus side is that we can add a extra SIP account to our devices in office so it rings simultanesly

When a user answers the phone (or a VM picks up the conversation) we want to confirm it by pressing '1' for example. This is a common feature in other PBX systems.


Now i can get step 1 to work without an issue, however. Does there exist a feature like my second colomn? So confirm a mobile converstation by pressing a button. Or are there any alternatives to get a similar working?



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