Conection between FREEPBX to S-Series

Hello guys im working in the connection between our two systems on is an S100 and the other one is an ELASTIX/ISSABEL system


A little background 

The S100 is the main system we use all administrative extension are there (11XX, 21XX, 31XX, 41XX) IVR etc

The ELASTIX/ISSABEL is a call center we have right now with a few agents 7 that are (71XX) in this system we have the queues for the agents etc


Right now i have done the two connections and works great!

BUT i can't use the queues from ELASTIX/ISSABEL in the S100.

For sample, if i edit the IVR in the S100 and select when caller press #5 and i put the ELASTIX/ISSABEL Queue number nothing happens

Is possible to pass the feature codes from one system to another to accomplish this??





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