Yeastar S100 integration with CUCM


We have Yeastar S100 to be deployed as a GSM gateway to CUCM. All extensions are previously configured on CUCM side, so Yeastar is only a GSM gateway.

We configured both endpoints as per the following document: https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/218130557-How-to-Connect-Cisco-Unified-Call-Manager-to-MyPBX

The SIP trunk is up and active, yet we're facing issues. For inbound calls (from GSM to CUCM), calls reach Yeastar but don't reach CUCM (note: I believe there's supposed to be a place where I configure the destination on CUCM, but I don't know how). For outbound calls (from CUCM to GSM) calls don't leave CUCM. 

Could someone please provide me with documentation or assistance regarding Yeastar S100 integration with CUCM? As it's different from T series

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