Yeastar S100 DiD Routein

Hi Team, I have a little challenge with the office S100 here, it has the recent firmware. The Challenge I am experiencing is that the inbound routes with the DID don't go to the extensions specified, rather they all go to swithboard. Everything used to work well with the old PABX, and all other S100's I have setup with this feature work well, what could be the problem here. 

E.g: 22219200 is the main office number, it goes to the extension 9200

We are allocated DiD from 22219201 all the way to 22219209.

The setup is in such a way that when dialing 22219201 it should go directly to 9201 the same thing should be the case while dialing 22219205, it should go directly to extension 9205. But this is not the case, all calls go to the 9200 extensions. It makes no sense.


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