S20 vs S412


Can someone please explain to me briefly and exactly the difference between S20 and S412?

2 module slots for internal extension
2 module slots for external lines
8 VoIP Users
8 Concurrent Calls
Up to 12 FXS Extensions
Up to 4 CO / BRI lines

2 module slots for internal extension
20 users
10 Concurrent Calls
Up to 4 FXS / FXO / BRI ports
Up to 1 GSM / 3G / 4G Channel

1. That means with the S412 i can only use 8 IP Phones?
But it has more connections for analog devices

2. Can I connect an analog fax to the S412 or S20 immediately / out of the box or do I need for both the appropriate module additionally (S2 module)?

thank you for your help


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