MyPBX U100 NAT/Remote Extensions Issue


My Setup:

Office1: MyPBX U100 behind a Mikrotik router with 30-40~ Fanvil C58 IP Phones.

Mikrotik Internal IP:

MyPBX U100 IP1: IP2:

Office2: MyPBX SOHO behind a Mikrotik router with 10~ IP Phones.

Mikrotik Internal IP:


What I want to achieve:


Connect two PBX's together so I can have internal extensions between them.


Register IP Phones in Office2 as Remote extensions with PBX in Office1.


My understanding is Option1 will not work because MyPBX SOHO doesn't have SIP features so both of these PBX's can't connect.

So I went with Option2 and followed the instructions from below link:


I have DUAL WAN setup in my Office1 Mikrotik so I did NAT for both WAN1 & WAN2 for the ports 5060 & 10000-12000.

However, when I am setting up NAT with public IP of my Mikrotik in the PBX in Office1 and saving the settings, there is no audio when I'm making outgoing calls to internal extensions or outgoing calls.

Can someone please help me with this issue so I can successfully achieve configuring remote extensions?

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