SIP Trunk REGISTER retransmission


I have a TE100 SIP trunk connecting to a provider with FreeSWITCH. I am able to register the TE100, however the TE100 will send many retransmissions to the registrar. Traffic is going through a firewall which has a known good configuration (We have 3000+ sip devices traversing it. I have packet captures verifying traffic ingress and egress). The Yeastar sees all the SIP packets. It likes some 200 OKs and it doesn't like others. If it doesn't like the 200 OK's it will say something like this "Retransmitting #3 (NAT) to x.x.x.x:5060:"

Things i have tried:

* increasing the T1min timer

* setting the public IP in the NAT configuration

* tried every setting under NAT (yes, no, never,etc)

* connect to an OpenSIPS proxy instead of Freeswitch

* use IP instead of DNS for server

* tcp/udp

* changed to port 5080 instead of 5060

* upgraded TE100 firmware to the latest

* tinker with reregisterstion timers

* force expiration from the registrar


I would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks!


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