Will Yeastar be able to handle the requirments of Kari's Law and the Ray Baum's Act.

(1) Kari’s Law applies to multi-line telephone systems (MLTS), which are telephone systems that serve
consumers in environments such as office buildings, campuses, and hotels. Kari’s Law requires MLTS systems in
the United States to enable users to dial 911 directly, without having to dial a prefix to reach an outside line, and
to provide for notification (e.g., to a front desk or security office) when a 911 call is made.
(2) RAY BAUM’S Act requires the Commission to conduct a rulemaking proceeding to consider adopting rules
to ensure that “dispatchable location” is conveyed with 911 calls, regardless of the technological platform used, so
that 911 call centers will receive the caller’s location automatically and can dispatch responders more quickly.
“Dispatchable location” is defined as “the street address of the calling party, and additional information such as
room number, floor number, or similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling


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