Need real time monitoring of active calls

On the admin UI, there is currently no way to see an active call and know who it is, what trunk they've called on, what DID or extension number was received, what extension or IVR or call queue they are currently connected, or how long the call has been going on.  I have a number of large clients with more than 20 SIP trunks and 100s of extensions and yet I only have the CDR to look at after the call has already happened?  This is absolutely a nightmare when you are trying to troubleshoot something.  It is also very difficult to confirm routes for outgoing calls or confirm how many extension-to-extension calls are happening throughout the day.  It would be very helpful to see this as part of the PBX Monitor app so I can actually monitor, in real time, what is going in and out of the system as its happening and the call is moving through the system from one extension to another.


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