Push/pull an active call from desk phone to smartphone App with star-code during call, not dependent on Presence setting

If I have an active call on my desk phone, I want a quick way to be able to send that call to my Linkus smartphone app.  Many other systems have a special star-code that can be programmed on the desk phone for quick access.  It allows the call to continue (instead of putting them on hold) and rings your smartphone app while your conversation continues on the desk phone.  Then, when you answer the smartphone app successfully, the call's audio then jumps from the desk phone to the smartphone app and you can now hangup the desk phone.  The caller isn't aware of the transfer because they hear no music, ringing, or interruption of the conversation.  The same situation would apply if I had a call on my Linkus desktop application and I needed to send it to my smartphone app so I could walk away from my desk to check on something.  There really needs to be a quick star-code to do this, regardless of the current Presence setting or having to interrupt the conversation to "park" the call.


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