New Feature Requests

Here are some enhancements I would like to see:


1. Queue_log should be enabled by default.  We should not have to enable it via CLI.  The queue_log clears each day so I don't think this should be an issue.

2.. Do not clear the queue_log each day and Include the queue_log data in CDR, either integrated with existing CDR interface and create a queue.  This could double my sales.  Queuemetrics and Asternic are too hard to work with.  This could give my customers exactly what they need in terms of queue reporting.

Backup and restore:

1. Mailbox name prompt and personal greetings should be included in the backup. 

2. All config files in the tftpboot folder should be backed up.  I have Yealink phones sending the local config (configuration that users modify) backed up to the system.  It seems these files do not get backed up.  It would be helpful if they were included in the backup.

3. Possibly  allow the tftpboot folder to be included in file share for download via WINSCP.

Incoming routing:

1. Would like to be able to assign the same override code to the same DIDs.  Customers who have more than one DID have to remember many codes to over different numbers.  I know that I can use the default route to accomplish this but it is not right for every situation.

2. Would like to see the default destination displayed in the list of incoming entries to make it easier to find the route you need to work on.

3. Extension range should be expanded to include groups, queues, conferences and paging groups.  This way a specific route does not have to be used up each of these destinations.

PBX Monitor:

1 Need to see active member is in a queue.

2 Need to see current calls in queue.


1. Need to delete voicemail after email on a per user basis, not system wide.

2. Call queues and ring groups should have their own mailboxes based on their extension number.  Now that mailbox status can be shared, it puts Yeastar in line with other competitors in this regard.

Thanks for listening.






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