TG100 incoming route question

Dear all,

I recently bought the TG100 for home use.

In order to avoid unnecessary base rates, I would like to change the home telephone to VOIP.
Because we have to keep the analogue telephone, I also purchased the Cisco APA112, which has been set up with an online VOIP provider.

Outgoing and incoming calls are working properly. However, as the costs for a call to a mobile phone are very high, I wanted to reduce the costs by redirecting outgoing calls over SIM card. In order to do this, I got the yearstar TG100.
I installed the SIP trunk (online voip provider) on it and the Cisco APA112 can be connected over an account to the TG100.

I noticed now, that I can only get incoming routing from the SIM to the Cisco APA112. Because the Internet Voip Provider cannot use another number than our home phone number, all calls have to run over this Voip Provider.

I could not find a way to have incoming routing from the SIP trunk to the Cisco APA112. Would this even work with a TG100 or would I need additional means, like a bpx (i.e. freebpx on raspberry)?


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