Yeastar S20 Is it possible to set permanent music for incoming call?


Configured so:

Call is coming on IVR, then by the Key Press Ivent going to sip extention 1000. In setting of 1000 Enable Mobility Extension is ON, Ring Simultaneously is ON and in Transfer Destination set when NO ANSWER and When Busy go to another extention (1001 for example)

1001 is using for calling to another PBX, so in setting 1001 in Transfer Destination set Always to the custom number (210 for example, number of another PBX).

When call is coming, heard IVR, after pressing nessesary key is heard is about 3 seconds of silence, then Ring-Back Tone (in this time mobile phone is ringing), after Ring timeout, is heard, «please wait” then music is about 1 second and Ring-Back Tone before extention is answer

When mobile phone is busy, situation is similar.

By the way when Queue is using, music is going.

Can I make that after pressing IVR key music is starting to go before mobile phone or extention 210 of another pbx answering?



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