S-series inbound problem with same dail plan on both pbx


if someone can please help me 

I have 2 PBX  one is yeastar s300 and the other is cucm cisco

both PBX have the same dailplan 1XXX  

what i used is sip trunk to connect the PBXS

my problem is that when i call from from cucm to the s300 i get respone from yeastar that authorisation issue but the trunk is working with the outbound from s300 to cucm

mean the call is rejected from s300 

what i found if i changed the number in cucm 2XXX and call the s300 resive the calll with no problem

what i hope to find is how i can keep same dailplan same on both pbxs 

my configration is this:

CUCM:- outbound 

98.1XXX    (discard 98)----------> S300 (1xxx)


98.1100 -----------> S300 (1100)

S300:- inbound

DID Pattern: 1000-1299

Extension Range :1000-1299

frimware is the latest for s300

that is all

thanks in advance


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