Time Condition Extended use without inbound route


I found current Time Condition implementation is limited for an advanced use, mainly in complex business. Currently I have trouble with a hospital customer that has main number as inbound route that have its time condition and in normal open hours forward call to an IVR that has some options. Some of these options have their time conditions (are different services with different working hours).

Currently I handled this problem using a complex time condition grid, but this fails at a new request to handling manually time condition of one ot those services.

I think that a good way to handle time conditions is to have them separated from inbound route, as an extension or a IVR or a queue, so every of that are indipendent and can be used for all.


inbound route ---> forward options: extension, IVR, Queue, Time Condition, etc.

then time condition has its current implementation.

But in this way I can also a use TC as a Call Forward or IVR destination.

Please take in consideration.

Best Regards



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