firmware update MyPBX another way

I tried to update an MyPBX SoHo V6 via the webinterface, it doesnt work (both TFTP and WEB). So I tried it via SSH:


root@MyPBX:~# tftp -gr -l persistent/imageupdate/uImage

It also doesnt work, it was very slow and had the message "stalled":

root@MyPBX:~# tftp -gr -l persistent/imageupdate/uImage 2% |***                                        | 711k - stalled -A

So I tried the wget command, it was much faster!

root@MyPBX:~# wget -O persistent/imageupdate/uImage http://www.yeastar.com/download/MyPBX-SOHO/MyPBX-SOHO-V4/
Connecting to www.yeastar.com (
uImage 100% |************************************| 33478k 00:00:00 ETA

after this type in 'reboot' to reboot the pbx for installing the image

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