TG800 Outbound Dial Pattern 603 Declined

I have connected 3CX and the TG400 using the following guide:


However we have two users who need to use a specific card for their incoming and outgoing calls. For incoming calls to the GSM I have achieved this by creating  additional mobile to IP routes with different hotlines and creating respective DIDs in 3CX. 

The issue arises when I want to do the same for outbound calls.

I have done this by prepending a digit (9) in 3CX's outbound routes

And then creating an additional IP to mobile route in the TG400, with an outbound dial pattern of 9. and stripping 1 digit:

However this approach does not work and when I did a wireshark capture I got 603 Declined Capture from the TG400. Is there a way to achieve routing for outbound calls.

Thanks in advance




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