BRI information outgoing calls

When making calls through ISDN with Yealink phones and Yeastar S-Series PBX, the PBX is sending too much information to the user, in this regard an impulse counter to notify the user how many impulses were spent and this info replaces the number dialed on the phone screen.

I know this information comes from the network, but there is no way to get the provider to disable this, is it possible to have the PBX ignore this information?

This only happens when I've got ISDN and Yealink phones, if the phone is SNOM or Polycom this doesn't happen.

Also, this only started happening after an update to the S-Series but I don't remember which one, I've made plenty of S-Series installations before that update without this happening. I'm only reporting on this now, but this started happening more than a year ago.

This doesn't affect operability but is confusing to the user since call logs on the phone will show impulse information rather than the number dialed.


Tried to change "Screen Indicator" on BRI parameters but no success.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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