Yeastar S20 always auto blacklists my Yealink T29G

I try to register my Yealink T29G to the Yeastar S20. But the phone always tells me "registration failed". Since the S20 is missing a log feature for easy lookup what is happening (and no, I do not want to extract a tarball every 10 seconds), I logged into the asterisk shell. This one tells me: " WARNING[22396]: res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c:590 authenticate: the ip is blocked in firewall page to register this account"

Ok, went to Settings->System->Security->Automatic IP Defence. Yes, my IP is there. I deleted it, then I checked the auto defence rules. I changed the rule a bit, doesnt help. I deleted the rule, does not help. I deleted all rules except port 8022, does not help.

Next try, I go to security -> firewall rules. Here, I added port 0..65535 to be accecped and moved this rule to the top of the list.

Nothing helps, as soon, as the phone tries to re-register (every 10 minutes, I can't trigger manually) the phone's IP is auto blacklisted.

What is happening there and how can I stop this misbehaviour?


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