No ringback tone when making inbound call

Recently our client has experienced an issue where a caller would hear nothing, no ring back tone, when calling their mainline. When calling it would be quiet until the receptionist answered the call.

They use a MyPBX-Standard V4 and the phone used is a T28P.

A snippet of the logs when dialling in:

[2019-02-11 16:26:29] WARNING[5486] app_findformobile.c: find mobile is null
[2019-02-11 16:26:29] WARNING[5486] app_findformobile.c: !!!!!!!!check mobile exten for:093795557 result:
[2019-02-11 16:26:29] WARNING[5486] app_cktstdcall.c: check chantype for SIP/trunk-sps-2Talk-000001c1
[2019-02-11 16:26:29] NOTICE[5486] app_gotobytimecondition.c: fmt chan->name:SIP/trunk-sps-2Talk-000001c1 to trunk-sps-2Talk
[2019-02-11 16:26:29] NOTICE[5486] app_gotobytimecondition.c: channel cid_num:093795557 channel did:093762186
[2019-02-11 16:26:29] NOTICE[5486] app_gotobytimecondition.c: =============== mytrunkname:(null) =============== 
[2019-02-11 16:26:29] NOTICE[5486] channel.c: Dropping incompatible voice frame on SIP/trunk-sps-2Talk-000001c1 of format ulaw since our native format has changed to 0x8 (alaw)

I'm not sure if any of that is relevant, but currently I'm stuck on finding a solution for this issue.

Please don't hesitate to ask for more info if you need it.

Thank you in advance


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