TA1600 Call is ringing but gets dropped when I pick up the phone

Outgoing external calls: ok

All incoming calls: ok

Outgoing Internal calls: not ok (4-digit number calls from TA1600 to another phone (Mitel SIP Phone 6867i) in the same subnet, no Firewall)


Hello everybody

We are in progress of setting up a new Yeastar TA1600 ( Most of the functions are working well like getting calls or placing a call to an external party over our SIP Trunk ( PBX is a Mitel MiVoice 5000 (aka as Aastra A5000) on address

But we can not place a Call to another SIP Phone if it is an internal SIP Phone. The remote phone is ringing, but if I pick up the phone, the connection gets dropped immediately.

If I place a call from the remote phone to the phone connected to the TA1600, everything is fine.

I would be very happe if you could help me


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