S20 Extension BLF Lamps Randomly Stop Working

BLF Lamps on Yealink T48S Phone with S20 randomly stop working.

Sometimes the Lamps do not update the status and show active extension and sometimes the Lamps stop working altogether. If the Phone is rebooted then the Lamps work OK for about a week or two before it happens again.

We engaged Yealink support but they said it was a PBX issue.

We then replaced the Yealink Phone with a Fanvil X6 Phone but the problem remains so it must be an S20 issue.

Over the Christmas break we reset the PBX to Factory Defaults and reprogrammed it and re-provisioned the Phones from scratch without restoring the backups.

This did not solve the problem and we have to reboot the extension every 1 to 2 weeks when the Lamps stop working/indicating status.



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