Call forwarding behavior when calling a group or queue

Hello, I have a configuration with all inbound calls from trunk going to a queue (i.e. 6701) with a single static agent (i.e. 200) for filtering reasons.

I have setup a queue because I need to play a prompt to the external caller, and I haven't found how to do that while dialing groups (or single extension).

Sometimes the agent in the queue needs to forward all incoming calls to a ring-group of other colleagues (i.e. 6201).

While forwarding is active, dialing the direct extension of the agent (200) the call is correctly forwarded to the group (6201). But this doesn't work while dialing the queue (6701) i.e. when an inbound call from trunk arrives. In this case the extension 200 rings and no forwarding to the ring group 6201 happens.

Is there a way to solve this issue?

Thank you so much.



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