VLAN Tagging

I have created a VLAN 10 on the Yeastar and also in my netgear switch. In the switch VLAN 10 is set to tagged. In the Yealink phones I have turned on VLAN 10 and put static IP's in each phone to boot to the Yeastar.

The DCHP server in the Yeastar if turned on I believe cant tag traffice that's why  I put statics in the phones. ((At this point I dont have access to the customers router)) 


Question are theses packets even being tagged ?

The phones are booting and working on VLAN 10

Another issue because I have the phones now on VLAN 10 set to tagged I cant access there interfaces because my Lap Top cant view tagged traffic.


Any suggestions on a better set up


System must be VLANed having IP shortage issues






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