Can't access tg800 web interface

Hello guys!


I have can't seem to connect to the tg800 web interface.

The sms gateway is

my pbx is

When I ping the sms gateway it says request time out, but when I ping the pbx its ok. I dont know what the problem is. 


Solutions I tried:

1. Change IP address of my computer, I tried to use different IP Addresses under 192.168.16.X

2. Changed the computer where I am trying to access the web interface.

3. Changed the LAN cable connected to the SMS Gateway.


What I am planning to do:

1. Hard reset the TG800


What I want to know:

1. Is there any way to fix this?

2. If ever I will reset the tg800 what is the default ip address and the username and password of the interface?

3. Is there any way that I can get the configuration of the existing without opening the web interface?


****I don't think that the IP Address of the sms gateway changed, since is the one configured in the pbx that I am using. The call is still working and also the routing of calls.


I am using panasoic pbx


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