Queue not working when busy line S20

Hi, after firmware update to latest (a few weeks ago) this issue occured:

We have a few inner-lines (1001,1002,etc.). Incoming IVR (press 1...pres 2...) and one Queue_1 - ring all lines (1001,1002...)

The issue (before new FW updated it worked fine):

When one operator is busy with incoming call and second incoming call is calling - there is no Queue prompt for this second caller and caller is automaticaly forwarded "somewhere" where is prompt "please enter pin"....No welcome promt, no waiting in Queue, caller is just forwarded..

Before update it workded fine - all next callers waiting while prompt was playing, lines were ringing, etc.

There are no voicemail set on extensions...

Pls let me know what to check, many thanks.




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