Yeastar S20 IVR Key Press Events not working


I had begun to set up Yeastar S20 two days ago. One of the features that they wanted was IVR with Key Press Events to call individual company departments.

The problem is, if I call from my mobile phone (from external network) to company, Key Press Events not working properly. When I try press key (for example 1) for marketing department, PBX dont do anything. IVR welcome message is run in loopback and afer 3 repeats (default), PBX hangs-up. In our internal network, everythings works fine, for example when I try call number 6500 (its PBX number) from IP phone. PBX is in SIP mode. DTMF mode is on RFC4733. I tried other options such like Info, InBand or Auto and nothing changed.

I have the latest updates installed on the IP phones and the Yeastar S20. My SIP operator tell me everything on their side works well.

Thank you in advance and I will do my best to supply more information when requested and as soon as I can.

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