Is it possible to have time condition reset automaticcaly

Is it possible to have time condition automatically have a reset so that the overwritten time condition is reset. And 'normally' time condition runs again.

I mean, when a user now enters a feature code the corresponding time condition is enabled and this time condition stays enabled for ever.

A user must enter the reset code to have the time condition on 'automatically' again.

Example: *810 reset time condition

*820 Office hours 8.00 til 18.00. => inbound route to extensions.

*830 After office hours => inbound route to voicemail.

Client goes away early lets says 17.30. He enters feature code *830 so that callers get voicemail.

Next morning. He gets no calls...... Oh right, forgot to enter *810 for reset....

Can this reset be done automatic at a certain time or maybe when a new time condition/next time condition is met?







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