Blocking outbound calls on Neogate TG400


I know how to block a certian number in Neogate TG serie, trough black list.

But I have request from a costumer to block all international outbound calls except the calls to countries in EU (28 countries).

Now in MyPBX series (standard, U, S) this was simple since there was posibilities to create rules for which outbound calls there is a call allowed and drop all other.

Is something simmilar posible in TG series (Neogate)

Curently I see that in Neogate TG series you can only block outbound calls to specific numbers or even to specific dial codes, but there is no posible way to have a rule which dialing codes are available to call and drop all other. I don't wan't to sit behind the computer for next week and make the list of over 500 different blacklist rules so that it will be blocekd properly.

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