Distinctive Caller ID must be changed

I like that we have a way to show where a call is coming from (GROUP, QUEUE, IVR) and something is better than nothing.  but the way the feature works must be changed.  The Group, IVR, or Queue name SHOULD NOT overwrite the Caller ID name.  For lack of something better, it should be added  to the caller ID name.  I would prefer it by added to the front of the name then a character like a > then the caller ID name. so it looked like:

SALES > John Smith 9735551234

I have many complaints on this.  Users want to see where the call comes from, especially if a user is in more than one group or queue but they also want to see the caller ID name!  This is also a problem with call history.  We use Yealink phones.  Users go into the call history and see many calls all for DAY IVR or SALES or whatever name of the transferring entity is .  This does not help them identify the call.  Please change this feature to be more user friendly.  This is something I have no workaround for.  Thank you for listening.

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