Support a hint on a queue

I have 5 queues with 5 users in each queues.
Before I used PBX Asterisk with function BLF and PickUp calls from queue.
For SIP-T22P DSS button: Light - one or more agent in queue, blinking - incoming call in queue, press - pickup call.

Right now I move to S300 and I want to use BLF status for queue and pickup first call in queue.
This function added to asterisk in 1.8.5 version. How I see - you just need add this in extensions.conf


Example 2: Queue with Dynamic Users:
Note: we use '_' in the queue names, and '-' for the context 

exten => 8501,hint,Queue:itg_queue        ;Provide a hint for the queue
exten => _**8501,1,Pickup(itg@trusted)    ;Pickup the queue

exten => 8501,1,Goto(itg-queue,itg,1)     ;Ring the queue

exten => itg,1,Queue(itg_queue,crhH,,,127)


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