S20 WAN and LAN Port

I just got my S20 IP PBX and I actually have this problem and make me confuse.

So I have an Internet Account coming with a SIP Trunk. Both of this, coming from 1 single router Huawei HG8245H (Ont modem). The internet come with dynamic IP. Now the S20 PBX can access the SIP trunk from the telecom provider, but cannot access the internet.

I have the following WAN info on my router.

1_VOIP_INTERNET_R_VID_100 Connected 10.XXX.XXX.37 100/0 AlwaysOn
2_INTERNET_R_VID_200 Connected 125.XXX.XXX.113 200/0 AlwaysOn

Please note thet the Internet IP is always changing since its not a static IP. But the VOIP WAN is always the same IP.

My router IP is

Can you please advice me how to activate the WAN port, what configuration and static routes should I configure? I will appreciate your help a lot.



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