VoIP Register Trunk Registration Failed / Re-registered

Good morning Yeastar Community.
Another problem.


We are using Event Notifications and very often during the day we are getting lot's  of above two one so: VoIP Register Trunk Registration Failed / Re-registered
First is of course Registration Failed and couple second later we are getting Event about Re-Registered. It would not be surprising for us, but we get this from our all clients where we have S20. From common things, they have also same main router: UBNT Er-Lite 3. ISP's are random.
What is funny, we are getting alerts almost during same time from each locations.
And now main point: In the setting of the TRUNK we are using fqdn of the SIP Provider but if we will change it to IP - issue is addressed. We are not getting any on above alerts. First thought DNS. Ewerywhere we have same UBNT configuration but honestly everything else works like a charm.

Please advise.
Any suggestions ?

Waiting for your feedback.

Thank you in advance.


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