Caller ID when using 'Follow Me' for out of office mobile use



So basically one of the companies we do work for is using an old Yeastar PBX:

Product Type:

Hardware Version:

V6.00 0000-0000

Firmware Version:


Currently they have an extension (their main reception phone) which they can route to a mobile phone using the 'follow me' functionality where any calls made to the normal reception number are just forwarded onto the mobile. The issue  is that whenever they receive a forwarded call on the mobile phone, the callerID shows up as the office phone number since it was forwarded from that phone. Any idea's on how we could go about getting the original CallerID to appear on the mobile would be great. 

(Similar post for newer PBX version found here: https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/223079247-Caller-ID-Forwarding-S-Series) 




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