Phones always register on 5060

It seems that when we try to register phones on a TCP port, PBX monitor shows the phone registered to port 5060. If I us TCP port 5000 to register phones, the monitor shows IP:5060

This seems to happen on all systems where the phone is on the same subnet as the SPBX.  If I use remote phones I see the random port that is generated in the connection as I would expect. I am using Yealink T46G phones at the locations this is happening.  Possibly a setting on the phone as well?

There seems to be some system limitation/bug/setting that is causing this. Does anyone have a feel for why this is?  Its an issue because park buttons were becoming unregistered on random phones all over a few customer's offices.  Once I set the phones back to UDP 5060 the Issues went away.  I would expect that all the phones would show IP:5000 when I use TCP on that port.

Thanks for reading.


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