TG100 PDU message too long

While trying to send a multi-part message (which is no different from a single page message other than the inclusion of the UDH), I get...
'CommandResponse': "PDU message to long.\nCommand 'gsm send pdu 2 0061000D91328490408441F00000A0050003000201B2EFBA1C444D8FD7653AC8F906A5E7A069B209B3E16A2E10943D07D9D3F3341D74BFDF5DF3745B1C9E97E5F6F4B8EC1ABFDB2EF719647ECB4174741934A787E9F5B90B840CBBC96F7B590EA2A3CBA079792C2FD341E337B90C92D572331A0D447F83CAEE73DA5D2ECB41693328FFAE83C2F232081D86C3F3A07B9A8E06D1D165D0BC2CB7A7C7' failed."

What is the maximum PDU length for gsm send pdu?

I see that the Yeastar SMS GUI only allows a maximum of 160 characters, but isn't the idea of having APIs to allow developers do more when the requirement demands this?


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