Some new requests for you

1.  Distinctive caller ID.  This is a good feature, but it is not good that it writes over the caller ID name of the incoming call.  It would be better if it would add the IVR, Group or Queue name BEFORE the received caller ID name.  All logs on Yealink phones for example are showing The IVR name on all calls not the name of the outside caller.  It should show both.

2. A feature code to turn on and off mobility extension.  It would be nice to be able to program a button on a phone to turn this feature on or off.

3. A feature code to activate Holiday mode on ALL incoming routes and a code to reset all routes.

4. When importing Incoming Routes, the destination should be any option not just to extension.  Currently you can only import routes with destinations to extensions.  All other go to hang up.

5. Automatically email a predefined CDR search based on a preset time interval.

6.  When checking messages thru GUI, The system should turn the message waiting light out on the phone





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