Yeastar Route Inbound DID to 3CX

We have been provided with a SIP trunk by our ISP. The trunk has DIDs enabled.  

I have been unable to route the DID to 3CX. I followed the following guide for connecting 3CX to yeastar MyPBX: https://support.yeastar.com/hc/en-us/articles/218054487-How-to-Connect-MyPBX-to-3CX

Outbound calls are working fine but the issue comes when I test inbound calls using a DID.

I have configured my Outbound and Inbound rules as shown below.

Outbound rule:

Inbound rule:

However when I test an inbound call the call is dropped. I did a capture and opened it in wireshark and I saw that the request is getting a 603 Declined response.

The DID works fine when I put in an extension on the extension field but it is not routing to 3CX. A wireshark trace on the 3CX server shows that the call is not reaching 3CX. Can someone assist us with this error.


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