Some features I would like to see on S- Series

These are not in an special order.

1. On the GUI, I would like to see more information on the concurrent calls screen.

That only shows that the system has calls.  I would like to see more information that will help me diagnose what is going on.

Call Ref,  Call Length, Originator, Current State, Time In State, Incoming Caller ID, Destination, Compression, Destination State, Destination Time in.

The ability to drop the call.


2. Ability to Turn Mobile Sim Ring on and off with a button.

3. Mobile Phone formatting if you log into the GUI over web browser.

4. Log in / Log out Key with BLF indication by group.

5.Last In First Out option on voicemail.  If I have 10 new messages I have to go through all  the messages to get to the last one.

6. Queue Button pickup. There are time I don't want to be in the queue but monitor the  group. If there are too many calls. I would set a threshold. I would like to see a button light and give me the ability to take those calls



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