Call Flow Control

I would like to see a Call Flow Control future, like on most other PBX systems.

Call Flow Control lets you toggle where calls are sent based upon whether the toggle is set for Normal or Override mode. Think of this feature as an on and off switch. When on, callers would be sent to one destination, and when off, callers would be sent to a different destination.

For example, you might want to send callers to a ring group or queue while your business is open, and send callers to an IVR or voicemail after you leave for the day. Your business does not keep regular hours, so using the Time Condition function, which lets you set up automatic toggles, would not work since you come and go as you please.


 The Call Flow control toggle feature code starts normally with *28, followed by the Call Flow index code.

As a common usage example, you might create a Call Flow Control that is activated by dialing *280. When a system phone dials *280 (optionally protected with a PIN-code), the switch will toggle between green/off mode and red/on mode (BLF indication on the phone).


(we have the new Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX)


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