Queue Toggle and BLF status indication

I would love to have a single feature code as a toggle for login/logout agents from a queue.

Like the standaard *45 on all most other PBX systems.

For example *45{extension}*{queue}. Including the BLF status indicator on the phone (hints).


The current two different codes {queue}* and {queue}** cost two buttons, and second they give no indication with the lamps, and work only on the used extension.

In our situation, i would also like to see the Queue status (login/logout) from other extensions with the feature code on BLF to overwatch the situation on the main phone.

All this we had on our previous system (non Yeastar), and miss this very much, special our colleagues who handling the phone calls.

(we have the new Yeastar S50 VoIP PBX)


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