Call Parking Feature *6 not working

I am going to sound a bit dramatic, but we have rolled out many Yeastar S20 IPPBX. Leaving everything default out of the box, with latest firmware upgrade, The Call Park feature (*6) has never worked for us. We tried many different yealink T48G, T46S, Grandstream phones, Polycom and many other.

We configure the DSS key on the yealink phone as the following:

Call type: Call Park

Value: *6

Label: Call Park

Line 1

When testing all we get is called failed call bounces right back to us.

We have then figure out to simply do the following:

Type: BLF

value: 6900

Label Line 6900

Line 1

Extension: 6900

and similar DSS keys for 6901, 6902, 6903, 6904, etc.

when using this we simply click on a DSS key we would like to park the call on- one click.

Is it me or this the new way of call parking? We have tested by switching the call Parking code to 70, 700 (Grandstream's default) and doesn't work either. I am out of clues on this one Yeastar. But until we figure this out, i believe we are not rolling out these units. 

Our clients with Yeastar MyPBX U100 have no issue call parking out of the box.

Any help is appreciate it.


Fred From Texas..


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