Yeastar S-Series - what exactly are "users"?


we are unsure of how "Users" are count on the S-Series.
E.g. "Yeastar S20": Support 20 Users

What exactly does it mean:
20 different phone numbers (e.g. 100, 101, 102, 103....)?
20 different phones?
20 different people (e.g. Jim, Tom, Dave, Toni...)?

So if we have a company with 10 people, and everyone should have the "hotline" (e.g. 100) on its phone and also each one should have an individual number as well - so 10 individual numbers + 1 hotline number:
already 20 users, because every person has 2 numbers on its phone?
Or only 11 users yet, because of the numbers?
Or only 10 users - because of the phones?

Sorry, but this is totally confusing me - and I cannot find any simple answer to that?
Would be great to get an answer, which clarifies that!

best regards

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