Linkus for Android keeps ringing and notifies "Missed call" after call is answered with a different client

My setup:

P570 on using Remote Access Service

Some extensions are using multiple clients: Linkus Lite / Linkus for Desktop on Windows + Linkus on Android (all latest versions). All such extensions use "All Busy Mode for Endpoints" and "All Reject Mode for Endpoints" options. All client types are set as Ring First in Ring Strategy.

On incoming calls, Linkus for Androids start playing TWO different ringtones! When the call is answered using the Windows client, one of the two ringtones on the smartphone continues to play for about 5/10 seconds. If the call is answered on Android, the ringtone still plays for a few seconds over the caller's voice! 

When the call is answered on Windows, on Android a "Missed call" notification appears for each of the "lost" calls (which are not lost, in fact, since they were answered using a different client!)

Also: sometimes the ringtone starts playing out of nothing, as if the app had received the notification for an incoming call with MINUTES of delay.

Users are *extremely* upset for these bugs, especially those who answer calls on Android and have to hear for several seconds the ringtone playing over the call.

If there is any workaround please let us know, thanks.


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