add Originating Call Number (OCN) feature

Caller A: 2222 1111

Caller B: 4444 1111

Caller C: 6666 1111


Caller A -> calling -> Caller B -> call forwarded to -> Caller C

Caller C is seeing CLID 4444 1111 

We would like caller C to see 2222 1111

Every month, fix network carrier can filter over thousands of invalid caller ID (invalid OCN) passthrough between carrier to carrier inter-switching trunks. Carriers will request their counter carriers to check one by one and request originating end to amend the invalid OCN or no OCN. PABX which without this OCN parameter embedded in the T1/E1 PRI trunk, will not met the and solve this issue.

Suggest to add OCN parameter in T1/E1 PRI 


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