CRM Integration via custom webhook

Request to add a new "Custom CRM" to the list of integrated CRM.


To setup, barebone, the admin user is prompted to input a custom webhook URL to receive all call activity. "Nice to have" would be checkboxes to select/deselect what type of call activities should be sent. 


Current websocket API have its place for just in time connection and call control, but the vast majority of automations and integrations between Saas these days are done via webhooks/REST and relate to "after the fact events" (call received, missed call, call recording, etc.). In fact, that is how most of your pre-set CRM integrations work. Having a custom CRM webhook pushing out information would allow yeastar deployments to potentially integrate with an endless number of other solutions either by developing (and partner selling) ad-hoc solutions and/or easily build endless routines with Zapier / Make.com / IFTTT etc. At the moment Yeastar does not have an equivalent solutions to its main competitors (1, 2) who are able to achieve exactly this.


Possible how

This should really build upon few integrations that Yeastar already has (you are already sending some webhooks out, but only to specific CRM URLs). 

The format of the webhooks could mirror the documented structure you already have in place for the (30012) New CDR , requiring very little effort to create a one page webhook documentation.



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